Week 8 – Noam Chomsky: Democracy Is a Threat to Any Power System

Noam Chomsky is a professor of Philosophy at M.I.T.  and a worldly known intellect. He speaks much into about the people against the power and how this began. Chomsky speaks how throughout the history of the economy from the time of the Depression, the labor forces have continued to defend themselves from the big corporations by fighting for their rights. As time went by over the course of long fought years the labor unions enacted laws to protect themselves but corporations have always pressured those issues. He states that in the 1970’s the big corporation regulations were dismantled by the companies themselves. The laws intact to protect the good of the people were changed after those times. Propaganda is one way used to sway people’s opinion or convince otherwise. The wealthy can use communications to persuade the majority of the people that a rule is beneficial to them, while the rich are actually benefiting. He states that Democracy is a threat to any democracy system. Also Chomsky gave a pretty great statistic, that 70% of the population are disenfranchised with the voting system. Most of the people that vote are the rich white males just like the time in the 1800’s. The numbers of voters are declining and the demographic of people in that group mostly have socialist beliefs. Chomsky goes on the record to say that hand picked congressmen are funded by the rich to support the wealthy’s beliefs. This type of government, our current Democracy, is being spread throughout the world. Complications with other types of government can be escalated when referring to Russia. Also it will not take much to set off a nuclear warfare, and with the ability in today’s technology the nuclear power this is unavoidable.

I feel that Democracy is an obvious threat to the Power system because it spreads the power among many. The is a clear reason why the few in power would oppose these ideas. The wealthy will use anything in their power to control the information spread among the people so they can have a(n) (false) impression on the majority. I do believe the part of the problem is that the common people do not know there is a problem.


One thought on “Week 8 – Noam Chomsky: Democracy Is a Threat to Any Power System”

  1. Many Americans are not excited to vote. For instance, the CPP ASI Elections are happening right now, but it seems like students are not even interested to vote for their own student government.


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