Week 9 – Who Owns the Commons?

800 years ago the Magna Carta was drafted. This gave limitations of the King of England, in which we have adopted in our own Declaration of Independence. The Magna Carta gave the commons the ability to have a say in their lives. People claim that the Magna Carta was the first time that the reign of the people rose against the reign of the powerful. Part of the Magna carta gave power to the people of the woods. This means that the commons have the right to their woods., their land. On the contrary the US used that to their advantage which took power away of the people of the woods in American, the indigenous people. The regime of the commons go against the norms of today. Today a person has to have a job, work for their employer to make them a profit so they can get compensated to provide for their family. The commons actually have another way of thinking, one that lacks the oppression for a greater power to force this idea on to the people. The commons provide for themselves and make a more reliable social community, one that does not rely on the corporations to provide for them. The change away for the lives of commons have been a century after century fight. Peter Linebaugh would carve today’s Magna Carta will incorporate the top 1% change their ways of living. This will be something as a process and will not be en rooted right away.

The commons are an essential part of the people and the economy and once we have empowered them, while reduced the powers of the rich is when the lives of the people will change for the better. The commons are the real representation of the people of the country. The commons have to be put back into their rightful place and that is their power instead of the current distribution of power which ties in with money.


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