Week 10 – Untold History of United States

The untold story of United States begins with the war on terror after 9/11. President Bush ordered bombings, arrests and interrogations on innocent people in an effort to find the people guilty. Because of the treat of terrorists America backed the Presidents choices of no remorse. Guantanamo Bay has been known as a home for the torture of these terrorists. Regardless if they were guilty or not the intense treatment even resulted in suicides. Most of the people were released but only after humiliated and tortured. Bush began to spread the message through the media to make the perception of the adversaries as a national threat. People in the news were paid by the military to get on the TV and speak negatively about the threats. The entire message was repeated in different texts to make the people believe that there is an actual threat. With the backing of the people, the government made decisions on ┬átheir own. The people of the world protested about the entire choice to bomb Iraq, but none of that stopped the government to continue to keep the fight on and the negative propaganda towards these countries. The change came to America when his presidency ended and Obama took over the office and came to represent the other half of the country, the humanist, anti-war, and global side. This was seen as a new America. Though, under the Obama term, the companies that caused the economic crash were bailed out with 700 million dollar in government money, helping the “Too Big to Fail” companies. The taxpayers were the ones who were forced to pay up, in a time of high unemployment which only made matters worse. The system was structured that had average CEO incomes 343 times larger than the employees which were way higher than any other country. In this time the average American income dropped from 126,000 dollars in 2007 to 77,000 dollars in 2010. The hope for promised change was failed to be reached with the other chambers in government handed to the Republicans. Obama continued the acts against the “terrorists” with the same military actions. The whistle-blowers were sought out after by the government when anyone came out to reveal the truths. The government used a globalist method of actions, but acted in a similar to remind the world that America is the global power. American government used portrayed other countries to be seen as threats. So what Obama did was cut the spending on military infantry and spent extra on aerospace and cyberspace defense. This allowed America to have increased surveillance from the inside out. Under the Obama presidency, America increased the members of countries in the United Nations as well as increasing military bases in most of these countries to have an added global presence in a strategic design. As the government continued to portray the new foe in being China, they added efforts to increase allies in the harboring countries to have the military ability needed in case of war. In a reference to Star Wars, when in charge of the world through advanced technology, the leader will lead to tyranny.

In looking to the future the people of America have to decide if the decisions we make are just to the people of Earth and actually beneficial to people. Many of the regimes have ended and America will have a time where they are not the top power when the other powers decide to actually team up or a great power like China becomes able to become the next power. America has an increased importance in the choices they make because the do have so much power, and to act responsibly, instead of acting liking as they can cover up their mistakes.


Week 10 – A New Story of the People

Charles Eisenstein begins the Ted Talk speaking how the little things people do matter in the world, even though the outside world might not be aware. Other countries see the world as more for you is more for me, while our country sees the world as more for you is less for me. This way of thinking can be adopted for a better world to live in. The new story is spoken to be adoptive of these types of thinking to help the world by many regenerative methods. ┬áThe old story way of thinking is that the individual is too small to have influence on the world when there is so many bigger powers on this world for it to matter significantly. The logic says what good could it possibly do, and this is a old way of thinking that must be changed. People think that force and shame will be the only way to change this mindset when that is not actually true. When people change the mindset of thinking that a corporate CEO is different then “us” and think that everyone is similar, not separate, will the movement be more proactive to see there is a chance. It goes to speak about love and not hate. I can see that the spread of love to people that technically is not one of “us” can change the foundation of the way people have mindset in place. Part of the love, speaks to the interconnection and reliability of people toward each other. The new story speaks in the personal level and how it starts at each and every person first rather then a group. He continues to speak about the lack of people working with our hands and continuing to work with nature hand in hand. The purpose of people is to work together and empower each other.

Eisenstein makes great points which people have to work as one and this is something that starts with people on an individual basis. We can’t sit and wait for a bigger force to begin this movement with force. It takes intuition to begin the initiative to think more regenerative and live a life with more interconnection with our neighbors.