Week 1 – My experience in Sustainability

An interesting topic in sustainability was brought to my attention and that topic of sustainability is the Economy. The Economy is something that people do not take into consideration as one of the things to watch. The Economy is something that, if kept fluid, has benefits for all mankind. People of all economic classes benefit from a well functioning economy. A steady growing economy is ideal. But, unfortunately, the economy actually acts in ups and downs, booms and busts, successes and recessions. I believe this comes to play when the people involved, investors, begin to feel a state of euphoria, which means they believe the market will never come down. The greed in people makes them invest into different avenues which results in insufficient results that cannot be sustained at rising costs and prices. The results of this come to attention of the world because unsustainable economies have a bad effect on everyone because this makes people want to hold on to their money, spend less, and more businesses will suffer because of this. The Economy will then correct itself and the markets will soar to new highs. Why can’t the world continue to soar but at a slower, sustainable pace ?